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Coral Reef Drama 2009:
The Definitive History

This is an essay collection about my four years spent as a member of Coral Reef Senior High's magnet drama class, from 2005-2009.


As far as I know, this is the first and only account in the world of its kind. Wow! Here you'll find my thoughts, analysis, and feelings about everything Coral Reef Drama.

While the rest of my class moved on a long time ago (as expected), I still find myself thinking, wondering, and writing about our experiences to this day.

This is a blog, an archive, and a love letter to my high school experience: four years of ups, downs, hilarity, hopelessness, eating shit, and inside jokes with the best friends in the world.

Two hours of free time every day

If you're new here, the most important thing to know about Coral Reef's drama program is that we spent most of our time sitting around, doing nothing.

That sounds like a hyperbolic statement, given that many high schoolers will attest that they "do nothing" in their classes. But considering our expectations and the hype around the school, we really, actually didn't do very much of anything most days. . .








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