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This   is   Self-Abuse

Welcome! Self-Abuse is an essay project wherein I will attempt to document every story, memory, inside joke, and other piece of interesting information about my own life that I can possibly remember.

In contemporary culture, we regularly take photographs and video to commemorate everything from daily happenings to significant life moments. But when it comes to conversation, stories, and other spoken communication, we only rely on memory, rarely writing anything important down. Over the years, we forget the stories we once treasured with no definitive account left on record.

My goal is to archive absolutely everything that can be preserved for posterity. I aim to bring legitimacy to the minutiae, and to elevate personal gossip and stories to the heights of genuine journalism.

The catalogue will be organized by the location and/or eras of my life they originated, with special curated collections highlighting themes of interest. While it is a work in progress that may never be completed, we're archiving new stories and creating new collections around the clock.  


Coral Reef Drama 2009: The Definitive History
The lessons, stories, analysis, and memories of the world's happiest, and saddest, theater education.

The World According to Granny

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